Xebra Cohorts


The irony of entrepreneurship is that while all entrepreneurs go through fairly similar set of successes and failures, the journey ends up being lonely for most times. We felt it ourselves and decided to bring as many entrepreneurs together on a single platform to leverage the power of a group, a Cohort!

A cohort where the aim is not only to profit from sharing strategy and winning ideas but also to be a space for sharing failures, emotions and grind that goes behind building a venture. We want this to be as much a platform to talk about our emotional health and wellbeing as it is about growth and revenues.

Also, a platform where we provide for resources and deals that will enable start-ups to profit from each other. Be a single platform to know about the events taking place and how to participate in it. Sharing inside stories of successful and not-so-successful exits. Discuss about the pain points of your industry and ways to address it.

We would love to hear about your experiences with Xebra Cohorts and how we can improvise it. Do send in your ideas and suggestions to feedback(at)xebracohorts.com